NYT’s 1619 Project Founder Wrote Racist Screed Demonizing ‘White Race’: ‘Barbaric Devils,’ ‘Savage People,’ Columbus ‘No Different Than Hitler’

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Nikole Hannah-Jones, founder of The New York Times’ 1619 Project, wrote a racist screed in a 1995 letter to the editor of Notre Dame’s The Observer that repeatedly demonized the “white race.”

Jones is best known for her infamous 1619 Project, which sought to rewrite American history by falsely claiming that America was founded in an attempt to preserve slavery. Historians widely dismissed her claim, and she was eventually forced to issue a correction that undermined her entire thesis.

Jones, a far-left activist who has stated that “destroying property which can be replaced is not violence,” said last week that she believes that it would be an “honor” if the violent riots happening across the country were called the “1619 riots.”

On Thursday, The Federalist unearthed a racist screed from 1995 in which Jones repeatedly demonized the “white race” as “the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world.”

Jones’ letter stated:

I was shocked and disgusted when I read Fred Kelly’s article in the November 9 issue of the Observer. What responsible editor would print an article that applauds and dignifies the white race’s rape, plunder, and genocide of a whole race of people?

I find it hard to believe that any number of the white race can have the audacity and hypocrisy to call any other culture savage. The white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world. Europeans have colonized and destroyed the indigenous populations on every continent of this planet. They have committed genocide against cultures that have never offended them in their greed and insatiable desire to control and dominate every non-white culture.

Christopher Columbus and those like him were no different than Hitler. The crimes they committed were unnecessarily cruel and can only be described as acts of the devil. Africans had been to the Americas long before Columbus or any Europeans. The difference is that Africans had the decency and respect for human life to learn from the Native Americans and trade technology with them. The pyramids of the Aztecs and the great stone heads of the Olmecs are lasting monuments to the friendship of these two peoples. But as David Walker wrote in his Appeal in 1829, the white men acted “more like devils than accountable men … whites have always been an unjust, jealous, unmerciful, avaricious, and bloodthirsty set of beings, always seeking power and authority.” It was not enough for whites to come to the Americas and learn, they looked upon the native people as inferior and a people to be annihilated. Their lasting monument was the destruction and enslavement of two races of people.

Using Christianity as their excuse, the white race denied the native people their humanity. Not only did they rape and murder the indigenous peoples of America, but they killed off many more by introducing diseases which came from filth and uncleanliness to the native people. The white race used deceit and trickery, warfare and rape, to steal the land from the people that had lived here for thousands and thousands of years. Over and over again, whites made peace treaties with the Native Americans, telling them that if they moved just this one last time and gave up their land to the greedy settlers just this one last time they would never have to move again. It was common knowledge that the white man’s word could not be trusted.

Even today, the descendants of these savage people pump drugs and guns into the black community, pack black people into the squalor of segregated urban ghettos, and continue to be bloodsuckers in our communities. Yes, it was Columbus that set the platforms for these racist American institutions. A devil calling someone a savage is like the pot calling the kettle black.

But after everything that those barbaric devils did, I do not hate them or their descendants. I understand that because of some lacking, they needed to constantly prove their superiority. Kelly felt threatened by NASA-ND’s exposure of the true Columbus, so he felt it necessary to degrade their whole culture to maintain his security. Fred Kelly, I pity you for feeling that just because you are white and Christian, you can celebrate the destruction of another human being. In closing, a famous American, who was beat down by memers [sic] of the christian society, once said “Why can’t we all just get along?” Why? Because white America’s dream is colored America’s nightmare. To Kelly I say: It does not feel good to have your culture put under a microscope, does it?

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